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Getting Started

Hiring a roofing contractor:

With a great deal of information in the marketplace, at home centres, home shows, through friends and neighbours, on television, and especially on the internet, sifting through to find out what you really do and do not need and who you can rely upon to do the best work can be an ordeal.

Our approach is thorough and simple.

We will explain to you the applicable methods and materials for your home.  We will perform a thorough inspection to assess the many factors that will affect the scope of work, the functionality of a new roof, and ultimately the cost of roofing or re-roofing: the grounds, vehicle access, existing material(s), pitch and type of the roof deck, existing ventilation, attic configuration, overhanging foliage, chimneys, chimney counter flashing, kitchen and bathroom fan configuration, gutters  and fascia boards, membrane subsection, cap flashings, etc.  With this inspection, we will note and bring to your attention any items that may require attention.  Some of these items can affect the manufacturer’s warranty so it pays to look at everything.

We will answer all of your questions and concerns with straightforward answers so that when you have you answers you feel confident about the project ahead rather than more confusion. 

Here are some important questions to ask when finding a suitable roofing contractor for your project. 

Are they covered with current and adequate liability insurance?

  • You have house insurance. You have car insurance. You may even have insurance for your iPod. What would happen if there was accidental damage to your home, car, or person during a roofing project? It’s no mistake that liability insurance is at the top of this list. Not only does it provide protection for you in the event of an accident that causes damage, but it is a very quick way to tell if the company you’re looking into hiring is comfortable putting you at risk. Policies are available up to $5M.

Are they are an accredited BBB member with a good reputation and a good rating?

  • The Better Business Bureau keeps track of businesses and reports on their activities, good and bad. Not all companies are eligible for accreditation with the BBB as they have strict requirements for companies to become members. It is a great way to check if your prospective roofing company has been doing a great job.

What credentials do they carry?

  • A manufacturer’s credential program can be an excellent way to ascertain the quality of a perspective company. As a SELECT Shinglemaster company and 5 Star CertainTeed credentialed contractor, their highest and most prestigious level, Neo Roofing Solutions has not only been selected and has passed CertainTeed’s testing standards, we are able to offer non pro-rated warranties on CertainTeed’s roofing products, INCLUDING WORKMANSHIP, beginning at 25 years. Very few roofing companies can offer this level of warranty on some of the best products in the market as CertainTeed is very selective to whom they extend this program.

Up to date Worksafe BC coverage?

  • As a homeowner hiring a trades-based company to work at your home, if that company does not have current and up to date Worksafe BC coverage, you may be liable for any claims resulting from injured workers. It is therefore imperative that any company you hire provide proof of their coverage. To service this need, clearance letters for any company can be requested from Worksafe BC through their website or by telephone at 604-244-6380

Can this company offer you references?

  • Reports of a project (or many projects) from past clients are good tools to check out your contractor. Who better to ask than the people who have used our services before you?

Do contractors and insurance claims adjusters use the company?

  • General contractors and builders must rely on their trades people to provide efficient and problem-free service for a wide variety of waterproofing needs. New builds need good scheduling, solid work, a clean worksite, and a safe crew. Not to mention the variety of Solutions required; from tie-ins of new to old material and venting Solutions to sound advice, the professional builders rely upon us. So do insurance and restoration companies.

Can you view their past work?

  • It’s a good sign when the prospective roofing company can give you a half-dozen buildings in your area that you can look at. You will know that the company has a good reputation when they cover may projects in the same area. We take such pride in our workmanship that we’re always thrilled to be able to show off our past work.

Speak with account and branch managers at local suppliers. How is their reputation?

  • The suppliers see all of the local roofing contractors. When you ask the branch managers how well thought of is this particular company, they will give you a good idea. We welcome you to ask about Neo Roofing Solutions.

Is the staff personable and would you want them working on your premises?

  • Impressions mean a great deal. Is(are) the staff member(s) respectful and presentable? Do they listen to what you actually want and what you really need? Make sure you have a good feeling with your roofing contractor. You are putting a great deal in their hands.