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A Closeup picture of detail and flashing work.
A picture of a Custom High-End Home In Vancouver.  We Work Well With Builders And Architects
A picture of a designer Mansion. Architect-Specified Roofing Material On Vancouver By Downtown
A picture of a Steep Slope Slate Roof In Shaugnessy Neighbourhood Of Vancouver.  Neo Roofing
A picture of a High-End Vancouver Showcase of Slate Roofing  In Vancouver BC shows Perfect tidy rows with even spacing.
A picture displaying a more closeup detail of the synthetic slate roof.
A picture displaying that this synthetic slate roof is a feature on its own, but works beautifully to accent the other architectural details.
A picture showing a mixed slope curved hip detail at a corner.  Note the alternating custom hip capping.
A picture of a Vancouver BC Roofing Company Showcases Synthetic Slate Roof On High End Home
A picture showing that combined with the roof lines, synthetic slate makes the substantial appear elegant.
A picture of North Vancouver Mansion. Vancouver Roofing Contractor Neo Roofing Works With Architects On Custom Homes
A picture of Slate Roofing Showhome Vancouver BC Roofing Contractor Neo Roofing
A picture Slate Roofed Mansion by High End Contractor Recommended By Architect Vancouver Shaugnessy
A picture showing incredible detail and solid flashing work were executed to detail these curved hips and valleys.
A Close Up picture of a custom capping detail in a synthetic slate roof.