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A comparison of a CertainTeed limited warranty to other manufacturers

CertainTeed, one of the leading manufacturers of quality roofing materials, is also one of the largest manufacturers of building materials in North America.  Begun in 1904 as the General Roofing Company in Illinois, CertainTeed became wholly owned by Saint-Gobain Corporation in 1988 and has at its disposal the resources to perform substantial research into such areas as shingle technology, testing of raw materials -- which are the best suited and in what proportions in the finished product,  attic ventilation, and application methods, to name a few.  Research into adding to the  appeal   of a building is a large part of CertainTeed’s continued efforts, and as a result, a huge assortment of  high quality roofing types, thicknesses, and colours are available to compliment any house style, roof size, pitch, and paint scheme.

With this always increasing knowledge base, CertainTeed stays on the leading edge of the roofing market and is constantly developing new technologies such as shingles with high solar reflectivity, algae resistant granules, high strength lightweight technical underlayments and rubberized ice and water shield membranes, green roofing technology, roof-mounted solar-voltaic capture panels, and even solar capture systems integrated into the very shingles.  

With a drive toward developing the industry’s most solid material lineup with regard to function, aesthetics, and value, this manufacturer is well positioned to back their products in a meaningful way.  While most manufactured goods, and all roofing products, are backed by some sort of limited warranty, CertainTeed has, at the very basic level included with a shingle purchase, provided the homeowner with a warranty that is head and shoulders above most others.

In the small print, shingle warranties give a breakdown of what is covered, for how long, and under what circumstances.  Most in the market today will cover only defects which cause leaks.  This so-called performance warranty that will only help you if there are leaks caused by a manufacturing defect.  There are many problems that can occur with shingles that will not cause leaks or will cause leaks after a prolonged period where your roof can look terrible and you will know the leaks are coming.  One such occurrence is shingle degranulation whereby the granules attached to the shingle shed and the rest of the shingle is left exposed to UV light, highly detrimental to the roof.  On very rare occasions shingles can warp or buckle, even when all ventilation considerations have been carefully addressed.  As well, colour blends can be inconsistent and can show very poorly on a newly installed roof.  Occasionally, these inconsistencies can be seen weeks or months after the roof has been installed.  Under the performance warranties, not one of these defects fall under the manufacturer’s warranty coverage and they are certainly not part of your installer warranty.  You will have to wait for the roof to leak due to these defects to have a manufacturer’s representative file a claim.  It’s worth noting that roofs do not leak due to colour inconsistencies, so that is something you’ll have to live with for a good long time.

CertainTeed has gone far beyond this restrictive warranty and have included   manufacturing defects that cause leaks, as well as warping, degranulation, and inconsistencies in colour as part of their limited lifetime warranties, available now on most of their shingle lines.

As in many cases, the small print is important, as well as what is not written at all.  Basic limited warranties tell a story about the manufacturer and how they are willing to stand behind their products.  Price is always important, but with so much at stake with a purchase that protects your family and all other purchases within your home, good value is not always found in the least expensive material.  Even still, CertainTeed has material choices to fit every budget, with many less expensive than their competitors for products rated at the same level! 

Ask us for more details or for links to the warranties of major manufacturers to see for yourself.