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A comparison of a CertainTeed limited warranty to other manufacturers

CertainTeed, one of the leading manufacturers of quality roofing materials, is also one of the largest manufacturers of building materials in North America.  Begun in 1904 as the General Roofing Company in Illinois, CertainTeed became wholly owned by Saint-Gobain Corporation in 1988 and has at its disposal the resources to perform substantial research into such areas as shingle technology, testing of raw materials -- which are the best suited and in what proportions in the finished product,  attic ventilation, and application methods, to name a few.  Research into adding to the  appeal   of a building is a large part of CertainTeed’s continued efforts, and as a result, a huge assortment of  high quality roofing types, thicknesses, and colours are available to compliment any house style, roof size, pitch, and paint scheme.

Protecting Property During Re-Roofing

Once the roof of a building has reached the end of its life, re-roofing is inevitable, but to install a new roof, the old roof must be removed and carted to a transfer station.

Old roofs have been sitting out in the elements for decades.  The material is dirty, heavy, and one must use force and leverage to remove it in small and irregular pieces.  This debris must be safely dropped to the ground or into a disposal container if it can be placed close by.

Eave ventilation

A code requirement for all newly constructed buildings and a topic of ever-increased attention on internet homeowner forums, television shows, and a requisite to qualify for both a manufacturer’s and an installer’s warranty, is well placed and adequate ventilation.